Zio Ziegler

American, b. 1988


 Motivated and driven by a comprehensive knowledge of art history, a sensitivity to the pervasiveness of technology and the ubiquity of image making and a zeal to create Zio Ziegler’s work is defined by his personal array of colors and recurring motifs. Ziegler is a painter, sculptor  and muralist who seeks to translate the world as he sees it onto multiple surfaces in varying scales. Ziegler’s work is guided by intuition and is deeply rooted in the history of aesthetics.

Born in 1988 and raised in Mill Valley California, where he continues to practice, Ziegler studied Philosophy at Brown University as well as at Rhode Island School of Design, where he graduated with a B.A. in painting in 2010.

He has participated in several notable shows, including a recent solo show To Arrive at the Truth at Ochi Gallery in Ketchum, and a group show Conditions at Athen B. Gallery in Oakland, Italy. Ziegler’s practice flourishes as much outside of the gallery as it does within . He has painted murals worldwide, and through his company Arte Sempre, has released limited edition clothing in an effort to make his work accessible to a wider audience. His work can be found internationally in collections, on  buildings, walls, as well as on clothing and cars.

His paintings, influenced by globalism and the velocity of the world around him as well as the literature, philosophy, and art history he studies, create an immersive experience.

Rich allegory and personal interpretations coexist throughout his oeuvre, but for Ziegler it is as important that the audience relates  his or her own stories to the works engaging in a dialogue with his painting, one where self-discovery can be as important as inherent meaning.