American, b. 1971


Somewhere between isomorphic spaces and harsh limitations lies a landscape of open possibilities. Defined by endless mountain ranges and xeric, hostile conditions the Mojave desert provokes a force of new abstract ideas and imagined realities in an exclusive new body  of work by YESNIK. Wheeling through off-roads in an effort to document and comprehend these realities it was clear that these ideas were multi-layered and a self-expression of the inner place inspired by the open spaces in the natural world. “It’s not an attempt to recreate reality, but rather distort and manipulate my experience. I like to visually convey the world in ways that challenge our perception of it.”

Having strayed from the figurative forms and elements that defined his past works, YESNIK's style of paintings began to lend itself to three-dimensional form. “With this series, I’m pulling from the shapes and totem-esque nature of the plants and rock formations I was drawn to during my time in Mojave. When I began to create the sculptures, I freestyled the shapes with the jigsaw which I felt was akin to how the plants, rocks and desert settings seem as if they were placed and created in an almost effortless way — I always feel nature is so perfect in its spontaneous formation, seeming as if it was in fact planned.” So began his exploration into sculpture and the continued evolution of his abstract work.