Olivier Gagnère

French b. 1952


Olivier Gagnère is a creator of many aspects of design, including glassware, mobiles, lighting devices, and decorative arts. For the past thirty years, Olivier Gagneère (designated “creator of the year 1998” by le Salon Maisons et Objets) has worked for many great art houses with deep roots in the traditional process of art-making: faiences of Quimper, Bernardaud porcelains, St. Louis crystal, Baccarat, Nontron, Laguiole, Guy Degrenne, and Delepine.

Born in 1952, Olivier Gagnère became interested in the Decorative Arts after he had studied law: in 1981 he collaborated with Ettore Sottsass and the Memphis Group in Italy.

Today, his work is present in the greatest international collections and displayed in museums all over the world: in Paris (Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Centre Pompidou, Fond National d’Art Contemporain), in New York (MoMA, Museum of Arts and Design), Vallauris ou Riom, in Bordeaux (Museée des Arts Deécoratifs), Venice, Izmir, Tokyo, the Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco, the Indianapolis Design Museum, as well as modern art museums in Beijing and Shanghai.

In April 2014, the salon of furniture in Milan presented a collection of furniture conceived by Olivier Gagneère and Bruno Moinard and constructed by the Milanese cabinetmaker Romeo Sozzi for Promemoria: the series consists of wood, leather, and rattan braid and will be presented in France in the Fall of 2014.

As an interior decorator and designer he has worked on the interiors of the Cafeé Marly at the Louvre Museum (1994), designed a part of the cabaret club, Le Lido, and worked on the décor of the Pierre Gagneère restaurant in Seoul.