Martin Bialas

German b. 1963

German born conceptual artist, Martin Bialas explores the ephemeral nature of sculpture and drawing with natural materials, like twigs, rocks, found objects which can lead to an alchemical process of being immortalized in bronze. 

Bialas has up until now often used words, letters, symbols/numbers in his work over various disciplines; sculpture, drawing and paintings. The play with letters sometimes decipherable, sometimes not. His work often uses his love of words, poetry and the “line” in drawing and in sculpture.

These bronze alphabet letters are sculpted by hand in wax and then molten bronze is poured into the mould which is then hardened in the desert sand. The mould is cracked open to reveal a certain course grain to the surface of the letter, which is then cast. It is this deliberate finish that emphasizes the weathered fossilized feel of the letters or other objects he casts. 

Imagine going back to the basics of communication- our alphabets, and the simple poetry of language. The casting of bronze is a perfect metaphor for the idea that everything is in constant motion, albeit we cannot perceive it with our eye. The Monotype drawing with it’s strong yet de-constructed edgy line also has an element of surprise that only an instantaneous freehand drawing can procure.

Martin Bialas' work is a quest for something poetic and yet sophisticated in its simplicity. Inspired from numerous journeys across the Sahara desert, where the expanse of space and natural elements provide inspiration for where everything and anything can reveal truth in its inherent beauty. 

His conceptual sculptures are cast in bronze suitable for interior or exterior walls. Light and airy, they somehow defy the weight traditionally associated with bronze sculpture. His placement brings out the contrasts of light and shade, rough texture on smooth.