Luc Doerflinger

French b. 1966


The work of Paris-based Luc Doerflinger focuses on the concept of painting and on the relationship between the viewer and the image. The recurring gures shown in his works (penguins, does, dresses, swans, oblong forms...) each embody painting in their own way; the space which separates the painter from the painting.

At the crossroads between a certain “traditional” pictorial form and a contemporary vision of art – although it has to do with evoking the past in order to situate it in the present – his work is built around series or polyptychs which translate the particular attention of each piece through the scenography of the images together.

Swans, particularly present in his recent work, are to be seen as a suspended transition in virtual space that separates the painter and the painting. They materialize this non-space, as Michel Foucault writes: “à la couture de l’âme et du corps” (at the meeting of the soul and the body) or challenge the viewing of each piece. It is in this space that we nd the singularity of the painted image: this confused surface on which signs and desires glide.

Trained at the Ecole Nationale d’Art de Cergy (B.A.) and at Université de Strasbourg (MFA), Doerfinger has exhibited all over France and in 2000 and in 2003 at the Maeght Gallery in Barcelona. More recently, he participated in the art residence and exhibition “Chambres avec vues” at the Kamilla Régent Gallery in Saignon.