Glen Cheriton



Glen Cheriton is a Bay Area based photographer who uses traditional and experimental techniques to create work based on themes of space, time, and matter in the universe. Born in Palo Alto, CA, he grew up in the midst of the growing tech industry but has always been drawn to the natural world, seeking refuge in the diverse landscape of California. Glen Cheriton completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at Sierra Nevada College, and a Master of Fines Arts at the San Francisco Art Institute.

Shooting exclusively in lm, often black and white, Cheriton’s work is nonetheless progressive and experiemental. Using varying techniques to distort both time and space, Cheriton challenges our perception of the world in front of us, and the vantage point from which we see it. Timelines are sixteen foot photographs shot by making the entire roll of lm a single frame. The result is a linear represenation of a place as time progresses.

In a more traditional format, Cheriton’s Earth Trails series see the night sky in a new way, devoid of the kitsch related to photographs of star trails. The camera is mounted to a mechanism that rotates the camera counter to the earth’s rotation, thus rending the camera perfectly still relative to the Earth. As an audience, these works give the impression the world moves without us, leaving us only to observe.