Dean Bentley


A native of Los Angeles, Dean Bentley became fascinated with photography as a young teenager. At that time, his particular interest led to underwater photography and the ability to bring the vivid and intricate images of underwater life to the world. Dean’s unique point of view as capturing the still medium inside movement enabled him to approach the subject of photography with the de nition and precision that he is known for today.

As a lm student at USC and the Academy or Art in San Francisco and an assistant in Los Angeles for some of the city’s most well known commercial photographers, Dean acquired the technical skills and prowess for his long established career as a photographer and artist. Today, Dean’s work echoes that of his early days as he begins each piece with a central focus, adding an array of other images to articulate a more complicated narrative that weaves photographs into each story. The precise style in which Dean creates ideas by juxtaposing repurposed photographs shot in the original location makes his work highly choreographed and imaginative.