Christopher Upham



San Francisco based photographer Christopher Upham’s work explores what he calls “arrested time”, which emphasizes the transitory nature of human existence and how both decisive and random images can invoke memory, narrative and meaning. His style of working combines observational wanderings through city and landscape with classical composition and an equal cinematic reliance upon postproduction techniques to develop, deepen and clarify the image.

Inspired by Charles Baudelaire and Susan Sontag’s concepts of the aneur, along with Aristotelian narrative theory and the myth of the lone American cowboy searching for meaning, Christopher’s work often uses compositions that re ect our notions of time, while also invoking narrative lines that bridge past and future. Exploring themes of abandonment, decay, randomness, irony and nostalgia, he uses digital photography to forge a concentration on “the moment”, which will hopefully free viewers from an over reliance on past and future.

Christopher Upham is also a lmmaker and writer. His latest documentary, Return to Dak To is on the lm festival circuit and will be distributed by Collective Eye Films. Return to Dak To will also play at the National Gallery of Art. His ction story, Nothing to Crow About was anthologized in Maxine Hong Kingston’s, Veterans of War, Veterans of Peace. His photographs have appeared in the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times and Time Magazine. Bitter Creek Sweet Water is his first exhibition.