Cait Molloy



Cait Molloy is a visual artist and photographer living in San Francisco. Growing up in a suburb of New York City she was previously living in Maine and Massachusetts before relocated to the Bay Area for graduate school. She received her Master of Fine Arts from the San Francisco Art Institute and a Post- Baccalaureate in Photography from Massachusetts College of Design. She has exhibited work in Vienna, Austria, Washington, D.C., Boston, and throughout the Bay Area and currently holds a studio practice at Minnesota Street Project.

Her photographic interest lies in capturing people; their environment and subverting the viewers perception of reality. The usage of theatrical lighting helps in the realization of these goals, which in turn helps dimish the line between reality and ction, as well as the studio and the natural world.

While they may seem to be distinct bodies of work, there is a direct correlation between the studio practice and outdoor photography. Each emulates and in uences the other. Studio techniques are integral to Molloy’s outdoor work, as intricate lighting and gels de ne her subjects beyond landscape. In turn, the studio compositions represent these outdoor scenes, where tissue, wire, concrete represent hillsides, mountains and trees.